Stoked Metabolic is a Nutrition and Fitness Coaching company founded by Thomas and Kim Stokes.

A Husband and Wife Dynamic Duo who love to have fun while we stay fit!

We've been in your shoes.

15 Years ago we started our fitness and nutrition journeys by making all of the mistakes. We went to magazines for diet, ran for hours on the treadmill and CUT ALL OF THE CALORIES.

What did we get from it? A bad relationship with food and our body images.

What no one told us was that we were being conditioned to follow one size fits all programs.

After a while we learned that EVERY body is different and the nutrition and fitness industry was flawed.

That's when we asked ourselves - What is missing?

The main focus of every program we found was CALORIE RESTRICTION. Burn more calories than you take in. While that is an integral part of the puzzle we realized one MAJOR thing - NO ONE wants to diet forever.

And that's when we came up with a plan to get people the results they so desperately craved while being able to enjoy the foods they loved.

Welcome to the Stoked Metabolic Method.

Once we were able to redefine what we craved in our healthy lifestyle we were able to change the course of our lives.

The Stoked Metabolic Method gets you off the Hamster Wheel of endless dieting only to regain all the weight back.

Our method is designed to create change that LASTS while not beating yourself up.

It's changed the way we look at fitness and nutrition and our mission is to share it with the world.


Stoked Metabolic Coaching's mission is to change the lives of men and women who want to feel amazing in their bodies, are confident in their hearts, and are proud of who they are every single day through nutrition and fitness coaching.

Stoked Metabolic Coaching achieves this by providing top tier coaching through our Stoked Metabolic Method. We celebrate your wins every day whether they are physical or mental!


Our aim is to transform your relationship with nutrition and fitness so you can live the life you love!


Passion - We are who we are because we love what we do. Our community and clients aren't just another number or dollar sign, we are passionate about each clients individual journey. We love to hear your success stories and they are what motivates us to share our message with the world.

Inclusion - The number one thing stopping people from starting a nutrition and fitness journey? The fear of what others will think when they see you walk into the gym the first time. I know first hand, I was terrified and put my own journey off for months due to that fear. We welcome you where you are and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We walk the walk and commit every day of our lives to helping people better their own lives through nutrition and fitness. We are focused on every individual clients goals and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve them.

Persistence - If nutrition and fitness has taught us anything in 15 years it is that the best results sometimes take time. The last thing we ever want for our clients is them to think of us as another Yo-Yo diet. We are persistent in helping you achieve your goals with a method that is sustainable for life.

Making A Difference - Every person deserves the opportunity to live their longest and healthiest life. Realizing this we want to leave a lasting mark on every life we touch.



Stoked Metabolic Coaching at its heart exists to empower men and women to live their fullest life through health and fitness.

We strive everyday to build meaningful connections with everyone we work with. We want to know your struggles, hopes, dreams and desires and use them to individualize your journey.

Stoked Metabolic Coaching's approach to nutrition is to challenge the "Get Fit Quick" Methods, the 7 Minute Abs, the "21 Day Cuts" - all of the methods that people have tried and failed on time and time again.

methods to lose weight.

We believe that the best way to achieve that is to educate our clients from the start so they can avoid the misinformation our space is so flooded with.

We take it personally to educate and strengthen our community so they can take control of their health.

Our clients success is dependent on our ability to teach you that there is a

better way.

Your Home for


Feel like you have a broken metabolism? We've all been there. You aren't broken, you just aren't performing at 100 percent. With the Stoked Metabolic Method we dial in your nutrition, training and lifestyle to give you the lifelong results you crave.